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2000 Gibson SG Special in Ferrari Red, a true workhorse of a guitar in spectacular shape with added USA Bigsby tremolo, two all-original pickups and Gibson hard case. 

Like all instruments consigned to my shop, this guitar has been thoroughly detailed, inspected and set up to the peak of its performance capabilities. Worn original saddles have been replaced with fresh Gibson factory ABR-1 saddles, giving the guitar that "brand new" responsiveness without sacrificing originality at the bridge. The Bigsby was well-mounted by another shop at an earlier point in this guitar's life, and beneath it, the top sports only the four holes necessary for its structural integrity (no bodge job here!). Despite the non-original tremolo system, this SG stays in tune extremely well, and the Bigsby is of course a great addition to the versatility of the guitar.

Like most instruments made in the late 90's and early 2000's, this one has aged better than I have. Some very light wear, but not a headstock fracture in sight, and the original finish around the heel is solid without hairlines or chips. The headstock itself is also pleasantly free of any large dings or dents that are usually found on Gibbys of this age. The original tuners turn smoothly without complication, and the nut slots still bear plenty of meat underneath each string. Internally, the electronics are original and complete with the exception of one replacement 500K CTS tone pot in the neck pickup circuit, which is of high quality and functions perfectly well.

The only noteworthy damage the guitar has sustained in its two decades of life can be found below the volume and tone controls. I've intentionally left this area untouched, as I feel it should be up to the new owner to decide whether to take the guitar to their trusted local tech for some touch-up work, or just leave it be (If the buyer would like me to seal the chipped area with some lacquer to prevent any more paint loss in the future, I'd be happy to do that free of charge). Otherwise, a few holes remain near the lower strap button where I suspect a Vibrola system was mounted at one time. Not surprising that was quickly swapped out for the Bigsby tremolo instead... These holes could also be filled and touched up if you're a stickler for those sorts of things like I am. Playing this guitar with a strap, I honestly forgot they were there.

The action of this SG is fast and low without buzzing. The neck is a chunky C shape that fills the palm nicely. Measurements are as follows:

Heights @ 12th fret:
 -Treble: 4/64"
 -Bass: 5/64"
Neck Relief:
 -.006" @ 7th fret.
Nut Width: 1.70"
Scale Length: 24.5"
Fingerboard Radius: 9.5"

Reasonable offers considered, shipping available. I can send videos on request, or you can pop a mask on and try the guitar out for yourself while socially distanced at my Rockville, MD shop. Otherwise, please don't hesitate to reach out with any further questions you may have.

Peace & Health,

2000 Gibson SG Special w/ USA Bigsby

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