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Guitar / Bass Precision Set-Up

Expedited service available!

  • 10 minutes
  • Starts at $125
  • Patton Place

Service Description

A full set-up is essential to keeping your instrument playing in tip-top shape. My set-up procedure has been refined through years of experience and certification down to a mathematical process for every instrument. This allows me to achieve repeatable results down to the thousandths of an inch (.001")! My straight-edges, thickness gauges, calipers and radius keys take the subjective guesswork out of set-ups, and will keep your instrument feeling like new after every service. Plus, all setup work comes with a 45-day free on-site adjustment period! Discover why the pro's keep coming back, time and again: -Cleaning of instrument body and hardware (especially dirty instruments +$50) -Action height set to player's specifications at 5th or 12th fret (e.g. 4/64", 5/64") -Frets polished -Fingerboard gently scrubbed/cleaned -Hardware checked, loose hardware tightened -Tuners lubricated (as needed) -Truss rod adjusted to for optimum neck relief (or player's preference) -Nut slot heights adjusted for optimum playability, or to players preference, (fill and slot +$15 each) -String slots polished -Strings changed/stretched (strings available upon request!) -Saddle heights radiused to match fingerboard -Set tremolo float to player's preference (Floyd Rose = +$15) -Micro-tuners re-leveled (Floyd Rose) -Intonation set at 12th fret (or 5th, depending on style of play) using Peterson strobe tuners -Switch contacts checked/cleaned -Potentiometers cleaned (as necessary) -Output Jacks cleaned (no more crackles!) -Fingerboard oiled as necessary -Pickups heights optimized, output levels balanced -Break-over angles inspected and adjusted as necessary *** -Simple Restringing/Cleaning: $50 ($35 when accompanied with other services rendered exceeding $65) ***Expedited Setup Service, add $50 (1~2days) ***5+ String Bass Guitars: add $10 per extra string

Contact Details

  • 305 Patton Place, Rockville, MD, USA


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